The Concepts of Pharming

 This  picture shows what could be found inside of genetically modified corn or any other crop in which another trait or gene was added. By eating the crop, the person would recieve the protein and drug(s).

This video describes the process of pharming in mammals


Pharming is the use of animals or plants to produce drugs which are used as medicine. It is a lot cheaper and more efficient than the common production of drugs normally used today.

Pharming in Mammals:

The milk of a mammal is often used in pharming, such as cow, sheep, or goat milk, because their milk is plentiful and very easy to extract the needed proteins from. You simply drink the milk.

Pharming in Plants:

Plants are also often used. After the plant has the added trait or gene within it, the scientists crush its leaves to extract the drug, or harvest the fruit of the plant, which sometime also contains the drug. The production of these drugs is carried out in maize, rice, potatoes, tobacco, and many more pharm crops.


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